Why You Need Investment Protection

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been successful making money and have invested some of that money in residential or commercial real estate.
  • You have your own career to manage so you don’t have the expertise nor can you spend the time needed to be hands on with your real estate investment.
  • You hire a third party property management firm to collect rent, pay the bills, and keep the property clean.
  • You hire a leasing agent to fill vacant spaces at market rates.

You hire these firms so you can go away and focus on your core businesses. Results disappoint. Problems come up that distract you. Frustration results. Is it the service provider? Maybe.

How can a property manager adequately maintain a building…

How can a leasing agent successfully lease vacant space…

…without the guidance of a comprehensive business strategy that dictates the goals they need to achieve to protect the investors objectives? They are not even likely aware of what those objectives are.

  • Property managers and leasing agents are only as good as the direction they are given by the investor.
  • Without proper direction, regular communication and an understanding of where they are going, these service providers have little chance of success.
  • As a result they are forced to do what they think is right and ‘get by’ with less than optimal results.

Service suffers, tenant relations deteriorate and the marketability of the property can easily suffer.

Base10’s Investment Protection Services are designed to do three key things that maximize the performance of your real estate investment:

1)    Represent you, the investor, in providing oversight of strategic and operational business decisions.

2)    Allow you to focus on your core business or areas of expertise.

3)    Establish clear and open communication so that operational execution by service providers is aligned with investor objectives.

Our real estate Investment Protection Services is the best way to maximize profit and protect the value of your real estate investment.

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