Why Base10

Base10 helps you build trust with investors by empowering you to make smart, fully informed real estate investment decisions that deliver results, minimize risks and maximize wealth.

Today’s real estate market is very competitive in the drive to acquire, build and manage assets. There are a large number of established, well capitalized players present already. There are more entrepreneurial investors entering the market every day.

This places a great deal of importance on the investors that are needed to support continued growth in investment.

Here’s the challenge. Today’s real estate investors, both large and small, have suffered through some losses. They’ve seen the newspaper headlines. They are cautious, ask more questions, and are more diligent in evaluating the management that will oversee an investment. They want more transparency.

If you don’t give it to them, someone else will.

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s real estate market and be best positioned for long-term success requires an improvement in the level of sophistication brought to two main areas:

 1.    Level of Due Diligence.

The more detail with which you can evaluate and manage a real estate asset,

  • The more prepared you are to address the questions that investors want answers to,
  • The more confidence you can give investors that their investment is well managed, and
  • The better you can protect their investment and their investment objectives.

 2.    Transparency.

Investors need information to have confidence in the abilities of a management team to execute. The greater your level of diligence:

  • The more available the information for investors, and
  • The better prepared you are to communicate with your investors and provide transparency.

Bringing sophistication to your due diligence allows you the opportunity to be transparent. Being transparent means a willingness to be accountable for your actions. Being accountable builds trust and trust leads to long-term success.

What is a happy, long-term investor worth to you?

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