The Base 10 Story

Base10 was established in 2009 to help clients make smart, fully informed investment decisions that protect the investment of hard earned dollars they make in privately held real estate assets. To achieve this, Base10 would re-focus clients on the basics and fundamentals that drive the business of real estate.

For Bryan, these basics and fundamentals were always found in the numbers and the financial analysis that are the necessary building blocks required to support informed decision making. After all, the numbers never lie.

In math, the term ‘base10’ refers to the most commonly used number system in everyday life. The base10 system uses the ten digits, 0 through 9. Look around. These ten digits represent the most basic and fundamental building blocks that in one way or another support almost everything we do in life.

So Base10 was the natural choice for a name that would reflect Bryan’s fundamental belief in focusing on the numbers as the foundation to support sound decision making.

Our logo represents the use of numbers and analysis as necessary building blocks to achieve the growth, also represented in the logo, which clients experience when working with Base10. Base 10 Capital Logo

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