Real Estate Development Analysis

Base10’s Development Analysis services provide sophisticated analytical expertise designed to mitigate risks and get you the answers you need to succeed. We combine your proposed concepts with our research and investment analysis to model potential development cash flows.

Our goal is to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively while achieving the following:Real Estate Development Analysis


The end result is an analysis that:

  1. Is independent and objective,
  2. Is free from motivation to portray your project’s financial health to be anything other than what it is,
  3. Provides transparency and confidence to investors, partners and other stakeholders,
  4. Provides the answers you need to successfully mitigate risks and achieve investment objectives.

Should You Move Forward With Your Project?

Whether you own a piece of land and are looking for the best use, or have a land use in mind and are searching for a piece of land, Base10 will test the economic viability of your development plan through our four core areas of real estate expertise:

Due Diligence. Research. Financial Analysis. Business Strategy.

Base10’s range of Development Analysis services includes the following:

Land Due Diligence
•Base10 audits the potential development project to confirm all material facts that may impact the ability to execute on the business plan and ultimately, valuation and investment risks and returns.
•This provides a foundation from which to move forward with further analysis.
Site Economic Analysis
•Base10 audits the architectural concept in the context of the unique characteristics of the site such as the availability of parking, traffic flow and engineering and environmental impacts on construction costs.
•This provides confirmation of economically viable land uses given the unique characteristics of the land and surrounding area.
Independent Research
•Base10 provides clients with independent market research, economic fact finding and competitive intelligence.
•This gives you an objective look that facilitates confident decision making.
Financial Analysis
•Base10 uses our due diligence, site analysis and independent research as the foundation for building detailed cash flow models that forecast financial performance of the proposed development.
•Financial modeling of real estate cash flows is fundamental to Base10’s ability to analyze valuation and potential investment returns, identify and quantify risks and recommend changes designed to enhance financial results.
Business Strategy
•Base10 helps to refine the proposed development and can recommend and help implement business strategies that match land use with investment objectives.
•Identifying strategies provides you with peace of mind and the ammunition required to get results and properly protect your investment.


When a developer engages Base10, we join your team to provide you the answers you need to make the smartest, fully informed investment decisions. Base10 will:

  • Identify prospective investment returns,
  • Highlight key risks & critical success factors in achieving them,
  • Make recommendations to maximize profitability and mitigate risk, and empower you to make fast and confident decisions on your project.

Base10’s responsibilities also include:

  • Collaborating with your architect to determine the highest and best economic land use for the site
  • Determining economic land valuation that can be supported by the project and the investment objectives
  • Identifying likely debt and equity financing requirements
  • Preparing the client to seek out debt or equity financing as required

Learn more about our approach and see Why Our CFA Credential Matters.

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