Real Estate Debt & Equity Advice & Management

Knowing how to structure your capital needs, where to access capital and how to present the facts and analysis that will accurately demonstrate investment value to a potential lender or investor are essential to success.

Base10’s Debt & Equity services provide the expertise required to help you achieve your financing needs more efficiently and effectively while realizing the following:

Real Estate Debt and Equity Advice and  Management

Base10’s Debt & Equity services often build upon the Development Analysis or Acquisition work we do with clients and are designed to:

1)    Determine the potential debt and equity financing alternatives that are available to support the unique needs of your real estate acquisition, development or refinancing,

2)    Determine an overall capital structure that will further the investment objectives established for the project,

3)    Prepare the analysis, proposals and presentations necessary to successfully communicate to investors and lenders, and

4)    Advise you as necessary during the process.

Whether you are a real estate investor, developer, or a business considering buying real estate to operate out of, Base10 will supplement your existing resources and skill sets through our four core areas of real estate expertise:


Our range of Debt & Equity Advice & Management services includes the following:

Overall Structuring Advice
  • Base10 assists clients in determining the combination of debt and equity financing that is best suited to achieving their investment objectives and is available in the market.
  • This provides clients with clarity on the equity cash flow requirements and availability of cash flow for distributions.
Mortgage Proposal Preparation
  • Base10 will produce a document highlighting the business strategy and analysis catered to the needs of a lender in evaluating your request for financing.
  • This provides the lender with all of the required information in a manner that maximizes your potential for a fast and successful financing commitment. 
Equity Structuring Advice
  • Base10 utilizes detailed cash flow modeling of the project and potential debt and equity structures to determine a viable and marketable equity structure that achieves your objectives.
  • This allows clients to provide greater confidence to prospective equity investors and increases your probability of a successful equity raise.
Equity Raising Proposal Preparation
  • Base10 produces the information and presentations required to effectively communicate the business strategy and financial analysis to equity investors evaluating a potential investment.
  • This provides the investor with all of the required information in a manner that maximizes your potential for a fast and successful equity commitment. 


Learn more about our approach and see Why Our CFA Credential Matters.

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