Real Estate Acquisition Advice & Management

Targeted to both real estate investors and business owners, Base10 provides a range of acquisitions expertise to enhance your internal skill sets and get you the answers you need to succeed.

From enhancing your property search to completing due diligence or analyzing cash flows, investment returns and valuation, Base10 only works directly for our clients and never has the conflict of interest of being compensated by a vendor.

This ensures that we place your best interests above all else and remain
independent and objective throughout the process.

Our goal is to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively while achieving the following:

Real Estate Acquisition Advice and Management


Base10 supplements your existing resources through our four core areas of expertise:


Base10’s range of acquisition services for real estate investors includes the following:

Property Search
  • Base10 assists clients in implementing a proactive strategy to identify potential acquisition opportunities that fit with investment objectives.
  • Our local networks provide access to deal flow that can improve and accelerate your acquisition process.
Financial Due Diligence
  •  Base10 specializes in providing comprehensive, accurate and timely financial due diligence for real estate acquisitions.
  • This allows us to identify risks and produce a detailed cash flow analysis and valuation that helps the client make fully informed decisions.
Independent Research
  •  When a vendor or their broker provides you information, it is their job to sell. It is your job to confirm the information that you are given and make decisions accordingly.
  • Base10 provides clients with independent market research that gives you an objective look and facilitates confident decision making. 
Financial Analysis
  • Detailed financial modeling of forecast real estate cash flows is fundamental to Base10’s ability to analyze valuation and potential investment returns and identify and quantify risks.
  • This provides you with a thorough understanding of the variables and the answers you need to move forward.
Business Strategy
  • With an intimate knowledge of the proposed acquisition Base10 can recommend and implement business strategies required to achieve investment objectives.
  • Identifying leasing, capital budgeting and financing strategies provides you with peace of mind and the ability to properly protect your investment. 


Learn more about our approach and see Why Our CFA Credential Matters.

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