Outsourced Real Estate Research & Due Diligence

Base10 provides an independent and objective review and analysis of your real estate investment needs designed to give you the expertise and resources you need to make a fully informed decision that protects your best interests.

Base10 empowers you to make informed decisions by:

  1. Taking the time to understand your needs and objectives,
  2. Quickly narrowing the focus to the critical issues that need to be addressed, and
  3. Laying out a plan to execute on the work required to produce the necessary information that will support decision making.

Our goal is to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively while achieving the following:

Independant Real Estate Research and Due Diligence

Whether you are an investor considering a new equity investment, a corporate user of real estate trying to make a buy vs. lease vs. build decision, or a real estate entrepreneur working on a business plan to support a new project or initiative, Base10 will provide the information you need through our four core areas of real estate expertise:


Base10’s range of outsourced real estate services includes the following:

Independent Investment Due Diligence
  • Base10 provides an independent, objective review of an existing or proposed real estate investment with a focus on investment risk, returns and economic viability, given the investment objectives.
  • This provides clients with a clear understanding of the critical factors and the answers you need to move forward.
Outsourced Corporate Real Estate Analysis
  • Base10 provides businesses that either own or are considering buying real estate with independent expertise needed to facilitate buy/sell/lease/build decisions and develop the strategy to execute.
  • This allows clients to focus on their core areas of expertise, save time and accelerate the decision making process.
Business Plans & Financial Reports
  • Base10 facilitates a business planning process designed to evaluate the proposed real estate project and its financial viability, and help clarify the strategies required to succeed.
  • This provides clients with a fresh perspective that helps sharpen the business plan.
Cash Flow Modeling
  • Base10 creates detailed financial models for both income producing and development projects using a combination of Argus Software and other Excel-based analytical tools.
  • This provides clients with clarity on valuation, debt and equity requirements and availability of cash flows to support varying demands.


Learn more about our approach and see Why Our CFA Credential Matters.

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