Our Process

Base10 uses a simple 4-step process to empower our clients to make the smartest, fully informed investment decisions that are aligned with their investment objectives.

The goal of this process is to accomplish two main things:

  1. To bring clarity to the investment objectives of the investor(s), and
  2. To use these objectives to bring a strategic approach that drives financial results aligned with expectations.

Base10’s process is illustrated below:Base 10 Capital Process


  1. Identify Investment Objectives

Base10 begins every client engagement with an Investment Management meeting designed to review and clarify a number of factors that will guide the direction of the real estate investment. These include:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Return expectations
  • Time Horizon
  • Need for liquidity

This is the most critical step in making a smart real estate investment decision.

     2. Understand the Vision

Base10 takes the time to understand the Client’s vision for a particular real estate investment and completes detailed due diligence and financial analysis to ensure that this vision is aligned with their investment objectives

     3. Create a Plan

Base10 enables the client to fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with their vision and to refine the plan as necessary to ensure that final business plan is in alignment with their investment objectives.

     4. Execute the Plan

Base10 assists the client in executing the plan by providing strategic oversight over various service providers to ensure proper actions are taken to protect the investment, minimize risks, maximize returns and maintain alignment with investment objectives.

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