Our Ideal Client

Base10 serves the needs of owners, investors and developers of commercial and residential real estate who believe that real estate is a business and a complex investment that needs to be managed as such. Our clients recognize the value in using the institutional quality approach to real estate investing that Base10 provides.

Our expertise supplements the needs of two types of clients:

  1. Those who lack sufficient internal resources or expertise to achieve their real estate investment objectives on their own, or
  2. Those who place their primary focus on business that is not real estate.

In either case, working with Base10 allows you to focus on your own core areas of expertise. The re

sult for our clients is:

Base 10 Capital Ideal Client

Our typical clients look something like this:

  • You’ve been successful making money and have invested some of that money in privately held real estate.
  • You have other businesses to manage or certain core areas of expertise that require most of your attention.
  • You don’t have all of the expertise or time required to be hands on with every aspect of your real estate investment.
  • You have investors to answer to and hold a responsibility to properly take care of their money.
  • You have a lot of unanswered ‘what if’s’ and worry about what may happen to your investment if things don’t go as planned.

Our clients recognize the importance that proper financial and investment analysis plays in protecting the investment made by their investors. However, it is either not their core skill set or not the optimal use of their time. And, they don’t want or need the expense of a full-time person in-house to do this work.

Why Base10?

Base10 provides expertise in the areas of due diligence, research, financial analysis and business strategy to supplement our clients’ existing skill sets, as needed, to complete effective investment analysis. Base10’s approach will:

  • Save you time and money,
  • Identify and mitigate risks, and maximize wealth,
  • Allow you to achieve the peace of mind that comes from making confident, fully informed investment decisions,
  • Give you a competitive advantage, and
  • Lay the foundation for a loyal and trusting investor base.

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