Investment Protection vs. Asset Management

‘Asset Management’ is an often used term in the real estate industry that is not very well defined. Many have no idea what the role of an Asset Manager is. Ask those that are familiar with the term to define it, and you’ll probably get as many different answers as people that you ask.

Base10’s service is defined by the needs of the clients that we serve – Investment Protection. Base10’s Investment Protection Services bring clients peace of mind by:

a)    Protecting the investment of hard earned equity made by the client and their investors in real estate though proactive business planning and oversight of operational execution, and

b)    Maximizing their real estate wealth while minimizing exposure to risk by making sure all actions are aligned with their investment objectives.

Our clients need someone who thinks of their property as more than simply a physical asset that needs to be maintained. Real estate is a business and a complex investment that needs to be managed as such. 

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