Investment Protection Advice & Management

Base10’s Investment Protection Services provide expertise in overseeing the day-to-day strategic management of the real estate asset and protecting the investment made by investors through:

  1. Gaining a clear understanding of the investors investment objectives, and
  2. Representing these objectives in setting the strategic direction of the asset and overseeing the operational execution required to achieve them.

This approach places primary focus on the best interests of the investor throughout the entire management process. The end result is an integrated business strategy that allows for fully informed investment decisions that maximize wealth and protect your best interests.

Our goal is to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively while achieving the following:

more loyal and trusting investors - peace of mind

Base10’s Investment Protection Services meet the needs of owners and investors in commercial and residential real estate who want the peace of mind that comes from making confident, fully informed decisions, and having satisfied, long-term investors.

Base10 will supplement your existing resources and skill sets through our four core areas of expertise:


Base10’s Investment Protection services include the following:

Investment Health Check
  • Base10 completes a high level audit of your property including a property inspection and audit of Net Operating Income and forecast cash flow.
  • This provides owners, investors and developers with external, unbiased input to help maximize investment value and minimize risks.
Ongoing Investment Management
  • Base10 represents the investor’s investment objectives in setting the strategic direction of the real estate asset and and monitoring the operational execution by service providers.
  • This allows us to achieve optimal performance of the asset within the stated investment objectives of the investors and increase overall confidence in the management of the asset.
External Management Expertise
  • Base10 provides real estate investment expertise to supplement existing management teams when the expense of a full-time resource is not required or deisred.
  • This allows us to help management teams ensure that smart, fully informed investment decisions are made that will maximize wealth and protect their best interests.
Independent Directorship
  • Base10 offers investment expertise to provide independent oversight and guidance over the performance of real estate assets and investment funds.
  • This enables clients to provide reassurance to investors through the presence of external oversight and corporate governance.


Base10’s most critical role in providing these services is to facilitate open communication with both the investors and the service providers to ensure overall alignment with strategic initiatives and optimal investment performance.

Learn more about our approach and see Why Our CFA Credential Matters.

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