Bryan’s Story

Bryan Slauko Commercial Real Estate AdvisorWhen it comes to investing and managing money, Bryan firmly believes that a great deal of respect needs to be given to the hard work that went into earning it.

Whether investing in the stock market, your business, a private investment, or anything else, he also believes that investors need to seek out the tools and resources that will help them make the smartest, informed investment decisions that will protect their best interests and ultimately maximize wealth.

Early in Bryan’s career, he spent a number of years working in investment banking and corporate finance, advising small, medium and large sized businesses on buying, selling and financing their businesses. It was here that Bryan discovered he could turn his investment beliefs into a passion for helping mid-market clients. It is this type of client that often did not have sufficient in-house expertise to deal with sophisticated finance and strategic business issues, and properly protect the investment made in their business.

Over the years Bryan worked with this client base as advisor, lender, equity investor and internally as part of a management team. As his role changed, one thing always remained constant. To provide valuable advice, Bryan knows that he needs to earn trust by rolling up his sleeves and working hard to understand the basics and fundamentals of what drives his clients’ businesses.

When Bryan re-focused his career on commercial real estate in Calgary in 2007, he was exposed to a lot of very simplistic approaches to analysis, finance and strategic business planning. As a detail-oriented, analytical person, Bryan was amazed at how widespread this type of approach was. When the market took a downward turn in 2008, he immediately saw an opportunity to add value in a niche that is not well served by sophisticated, independent and trusted advisors.

Bryan felt that if he could build a business that merged his wide range of professional advisory, finance and investing expertise with his commercial real estate experience, he could make a strong and positive difference in the industry.

So Bryan created Base10 Capital Advisors to provide owners, investors and developers of commercial and residential real estate with the independent source of expertise they need to make fully informed investment decisions that maximize wealth, protect their best interests, and satisfy increasing stakeholder demands for transparency, accountability and trust.

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